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A Singaporean indian, seeking for adventures and new form cultures. Writing has always been a subtle passion of mine, apart from my usual lifestyle of frequenting clubs or bars.

My Travel Flashback 2015

Well, this year has offered me a fruitful journey to reminse upon for many years to come. 2015 has officially boost my travelling experiences and adventures. Regardless of the amount of time and money spent into doing the trips I am about to mention, I have felt a sense of achievement as a solo traveller and a walker of this earth. In total, I have managed to cover 5 cities/towns and yet it just never feels enough…Here’s a quick summary of all my trips this year, enjoy! Continue reading My Travel Flashback 2015

Edinburgh, Scotland (Part II)

If you have enjoyed my previous post on Edinburgh, I am rest assured that you will enjoy this more. Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland (Part II)

Edinburgh, Scotland (Part I)

Describing my experience in this particular city as beautiful, will simply be an understatement. Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland (Part I)