Basically, Plane Wreck and Waterfalls

We drive in limited visibility in a snow storm with a car that could skid at anytime. The fact that we got to our destinations safely made it all worth the risk.  Continue reading “Basically, Plane Wreck and Waterfalls”


Reykjavik, The Capital

Okay, maybe by the third day, we really needed some sleep. It was the call for laid-back strolls around the largest city in Iceland. So although we only got to walk around a tiny area of it, we were satisfied with what the city had to offer to touristy people like us. Continue reading “Reykjavik, The Capital”

The Day We Spent Half of It on the Road

The phrase “lack of sleep” did not apply to us during our stay in Iceland. Continue reading “The Day We Spent Half of It on the Road”