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One of our writers’ personal piece

Catch Me Up

So much has happened. I have not been writing because of so many reasons. As much as I want those reasons to be genuinely valid to justify the absence new posts, I do not, however, think that anything should have stopped me from writing on this travel blog. Having said that, I do want to list some of the things that might have been taking so much of the writing energy out of me, an in-my-defence matter of fact.
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Travel Stories in 2015

My year went with full of surprises. Academically, university life went really great in the first half of the year, but not so great (I think. Results are not out yet) in the second half. I have to admit, one thing that made the difference is my social life (and I don’t even have a girlfriend (yet)). Continue reading Travel Stories in 2015

Why Blog?

I have a little reflection about what I am actually doing. Continue reading Why Blog?