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Sipiso-piso Waterfall

Back then, in my childhood, I hated going to the Sipiso-piso waterfall. The memories that stuck in my head are those of me crying, either because I was not allowed to get to the bottom of the waterfall which involves going down hundreds of stairs, or because my parents scolded me for asking for piggyback on the way up to the starting point. Continue reading Sipiso-piso Waterfall


Known for one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, Palembang history goes all the way back to the powerful ancient Malay kingdom, Srivijaya. Like any major cities in Indonesia, the capital of South Sumatra doesn’t seem to have any proof or mark of how the city was like in the past. However, the atmosphere of the town being a port during the Dutch colonial era can still be seen from some of the old buildings bearing the dutch architectural designs. Continue reading Palembang

Bintan Resorts

I’ve met many people who have tattoos all over their bodies. I don’t have tattoo on me, but I’d want to get one when I have the chance. I heard that people got their tattoos during special occasions or when they experienced something significant or simply because they were drunk. One thing that most of them told me, though, is the fact that tattoos are somehow addictive. Just like traveling. Continue reading Bintan Resorts