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Taipei Day 5

Last day today.

All our backs were packed and we were ready to explore a little bit left of Taipei with the time we had. We left the hostel at 9:50 but left the luggage there so we didn’t have to carry those heavy items on our last stroll in Taipei. Continue reading Taipei Day 5

Taipei Day 4

A good long sleep was the answer for the whole-day walking yesterday. We left the hostel at 10 o’clock and went to look for breakfast. I had been buying fruits the night before to have them for breakfast. But my friends prefer bread from the bakery shop. Continue reading Taipei Day 4

Taipei Day 2

Itinerary of the day: Yeliu, Jioufen and Shifen at the Pingxi Trail.

Started the day fresh and left the hostel by 9 am. We bought breakfast at a bakery nearby and coffee from Starbucks.

Our first destination was Yeliu. There are rock formations there including the famous Queen’s Head. We took the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing station and got out of Exit 2. Exit 2 leads to SOGO department store. Then, we took the bus no.1815 at 1020hrs and arrived at Yeliu at 1130hrs. Below is the sign at the street going toward Yeliu Geopark. It took us 10 minutes walk to get there. The bus fare was about NT90. Continue reading Taipei Day 2